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Domestic, Imported, and Microbrew Beers

We have over 200 beer choices to satisfy even the pickiest of beer-lovers. You can always trust us to stock your standbys (Bud Light, Coors, Miller, Busch and more). Our mix of domestic classics, new imports, and creative microbrews leaves you with a beer for every occasion. We even carry Belgian beer! Whether you want a crisp domestic lager or a thick, dark imported stout, Mr. T's Liquor Store & Smoke Shop has the best beer at the LOWEST prices! You're going to find the perfect beer in our coolers.

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Pale Ale: A great everyman's beer that suits many foods. Expect a medium amount of bitterness and to smell and taste the malt.

India Pale Ale: Often described as having a citrus or Pine accent, an IPA is going to have a bit more in bitterness from hops than a standard Pale Ale. IPA beers typically have a greater alcohol content than other beers, which make them better to have with a meal than alone.

Wheat beer: A light, bubbly, refreshing beer, with hints of fruits and spices that is more popular during the summer months.

Lager: The most popular American beers (Buds, Coors, Miller and Busch) are lagers. Light in color, crisp and dry in taste. The big brewers usually have a sweet quality that comes from corn or rice, while craft beer lagers often get their flavor from hops.

Porter: A dark ale, much stronger than a lager, but not quite a stout. Expect a full body--almost thick, malty, with a roasted barley influence.

Stout: A deep, dark ale. Thick in character and sweet in flavor. Roasted malts sometimes will produce a hint of coffee or chocolate.

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Wine from all over the world

Pour yourself a sparkling glass and have a taste of the world with Mr. T's! Our inventory includes an expansive selection of wines from over 15 different countries. Try a new brand of dry white wine for dinner party or a rich red wine for a special date. Mr. T's carries 90 different wines with a + rating for the local connoisseurs, too!

As Cardwell, MO's premier wine provider, we know there is a wine to suit any food and occasion. From vineyards around the world, our wine selection ensures that your favorite vino or an unexpected treasure can be found.

Are you looking for something you want us to carry? We are always open to recommendations for new inventory. Let us know!

Liquor & spirits

We know which spirit goes better with fruit juices, how many servings one bottle will provide, and which spirits lend an air of sophistication to your engagement party or will add to your river fun float trip.

In no time, you will be shaking, stirring, and sipping the night away. We are always available to answer your specific questions about brands and tastes! When you are looking for a gin for your martinis or tequila for your daquiris, Mr. T's has the lowest prices in the NEA and SEMO area! And 13,000 square feet of fine liquors is sure to have the exact vodka you need for the party!

Are you looking for something you want us to carry? We are always open to recommendations for new inventory. Let us know!

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